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What are we doing here?

Welcome to the forums of Robin Hood Coop and its next steps!

In the member meeting on December 2014 the Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative (RHC) decided to work toward diversifying and making the project more robust. The goals are a structure and organization that a) allow Robin Hood to grow, b) make Robin Hood viable and possible in the first place, c) make multiple openings possible d) is wise, inventive, consistent, secure, legal. The problem was that the traditional coop structure does not suit rapid development and change (a, c). It is run by volunteers, and the AUM has not grown enough to support salaried positions (b, d). And it takes a lot of committed work to devise & deploy new tools.

Fortunately, during 2015, we (meaning the volunteer team, the board and advisors, members and other people who have taken part in the open offices and other events) believe to have found an opening towards the goals. An opening and some tools. This is a huge innovation; thanks for all the ideas, comments, criticism and feedback!

The goal is to continue Robin Hood as a project that evolves, auto-mutates and takes new forms. The opening: the coop of the 21st century, coop 2.0, as a platform, (like facebook or airbnb or some such) owned and operated by its members/users. What if we had a platform, where your money would not sit in a bank, doing whatever the bank wants it to do, but doing what you tell it to do? What if we had a platform, where anyone could develop financial instruments, and launch them as apps for other members to use? A distributed platform based on a blockchain. A platform where the success of one endeavour would feed into the success of others. There would be every opportunity to devise different investment strategies and different ways of directing profits or other funding to projects. Equity crowdfunding with bells and whistles. No mandatory general meetings; everything happening on a peer-to-peer basis. We are very excited about this possibility.

The tools: open sourcing and making possible more focused work. Open sourcing is what is happening here, in discourse. The idea is that both 1) the tasks of the coop 1.0 as it is can be divided among more people, making the coop more sustainable (b), and that 2) the development of the coop 2.0 can be sped up (a). Becoming more focused (c, d): since the spring, a group of people, most of them also volunteers in coop 1.0, have formed a start-up for-benefit company, called Robin Hood Services (RHS), so that they can concentrate fully on developing the platform. A separate entity, the start-up, is needed in order to gain access to external funding, manage risks and make commitment possible.
The name for the coop as platform: Robin Hood Unlimited

How is it structured and organised?
In order to understand the mode of operations of Robin Hood and the various networks of people and individuals connected to its day-to-day operations and development (including the public, members-to-be, members, voluntary contributors, hired help, advisors, people with organisational positions and so on), it is helpful to know something about the idea, history and practicalities of its organisation.

Crudely put, it goes like this. Robin Hood is a process towards building new economic space. The first structure to embody that process is Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative. In order to go forward with the process, the coop started a process for taking the next steps. These discourse forums are a manifestation of the first steps towards the coop 2.0, the coop as a platform, with the working title Robin Hood Unlimited. The development of the platform is lead by Robin Hood Services. The platform will be owned by its operators/users/members. There is more on each actor below. Check also the FAQs.

Robin Hood is a process
Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative
Robin Hood Unlimited
Background to Robin Hood Unlimited
Robin Hood Services

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