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What is Robin Hood Unlimited?

Robin Hood Unlimited is the next step of the Robin Hood project. It is the the coop of the 21st century, coop 2.0, as a platform, (like facebook or airbnb or some such) owned and operated by its members/users. What if we had a platform, where your money would not sit in a bank, doing whatever the bank wants it to do, but doing what you tell it to do? What if we had a platform, where anyone could develop financial instruments, and launch them as apps for other members to use? A distributed platform based on a blockchain. A platform where the success of one endeavour would feed into the success of others. There would be every opportunity to devise different investment strategies and different ways of directing profits or other funding to projects. Equity crowdfunding with bells and whistles. No mandatory general meetings; everything happening on a peer-to-peer basis.


Really like this. Has anybody heard of I know @danielhassan is friends with Jack du Rose, who is also an RH member. I got a private tour of his alpha stage software and am thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness with which they have approached this. There are a number of sophisticated mechanisms and principles at play that allow spontaneous collaboration and incentivization to take place.


The system is based on the philosophy that there exists
corporations that would choose to voluntarily give part of their profit
back to the community. That some corporations would choose to do what
they are currently forced to do through coercive taxation.

corporations that then join the network will become really attractive to
consumers, and might gradually outcompete other corporations, and as
people get accustomed to dividend-privileges, it´s probably going to
become the standard system and could replace coercive taxation almost

I call this basic framework RESILIENCE, and it could
create a planetary-wide dividend network thats based on voluntary

Sound familiar?

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