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What`s so bad about colonialism?

During colonial era there was order in the world. After colonial era order was gone, newly independent states are in state of disarray sometimes, and corruption and nepotism rules. Some of the word s most richest countries measured on natural resouces are also the poorest (“resource curse”). So to correct that poverty situation natural resources must be taken away from them back to colonial powers, and those countries become colonies again. At least population wellbeing increases dramatically. French is the only country with significant colonies (overseas France), about 3 million peple live there, over 4% of population of France, or 1:23 ratio of french national population (1 lives overseas, 23 in France, ratio). Those overseas french (very few french actually live there, rest are natives) are quite happy about he situation, and demands for independence are small. So if they are happy, what prevents to bringing colonialism back again? There are rich countries which have money to pay, so they can in some cases “buy” independent country to start a colony. Rich middle east oil countries. Money from that countries for sale - operation is transferred to United Nations controlled fund that is aimed to help poorest people of the world around the globe. Oil rich countries can easily afford 1000 billion dollar (1000 000 000 000 dollar) or 500 billion dollar price for independent country, if ruling family of those oil rich countries give some of their money to buyout too. Countries choosed have small geographical area in most cases so they look small on the map, but large population, or then just small countries. If small colonies are dispersed on the surface of Africa those small places can become regional economical growth centres and drag economical growth to neighbouring states also, so they may benefit also. From Africa Nigeria can be divided between USA and Kuwait, south part to USA and north to Kuwait, divided by ethno-religious line. USA has no money to pay, USA is in dept so it can have those areas for free. About a dozen new states becomes part of USA federation, people of souh Nigeria get USA citzenship. Nigeria has oil in the south and other natural resources, it is one of the countries suffering from “resource curse”. Gambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zanzibar can go to Great Britain once again. DR Congo (Zaire) divided between Lekenie river - Goma line, south part to France and north continues as independent state. Rwanda and Burundi to France too. Togoland (Togo and part of Ghana) to Germany once again. Sierra Leone can go to Pakistan. Equatorial Guinea to Spain and Guinea-Bissau to Portugal. Cabinda from Angola to Brazil, that oil has not benefitted angolan people so much, most of money goes to pockets of corrupt government of Angola. In middle east Abu Dhabi can be protectorat of Britain again, other United Arab Emirates can continue as independent country. In Asia Bangladesh can be sold to Saudi Arabia and Sindh from Pakistan to Qatar, without central Karachi city area, but Karachi central has perhaps about one million inhabitants, rest of Karachi goes to Qatar (Pakistan gets Sierra Leone as exchange for Sindh). In South America Gran Colombia (Venezuela, Colombia, according their nowadays borders, and Panama) plus Costa Rica and west part of Nicaragua, divided between lake Cocibolca line about, east Nicaragua, almost all Nicaraguan area (but few population) continues as independent state, and then Honduras divided between west and east part also, capital Tegocigalpa can remain in independent Honduras and becomes most western part of new inpendent Honduras. West part of Nicaragua and Honduras, and Gran Colombia with Costa Rica goes to Spain. In Brazil northeast region, 55 milion people goes to Portugal. Those regions of Brazil are closest to motherland Portugal culturally. Actually European Union gets those South- and Middle American areas, altough they are ruled by Portugal and Spain, or actually those areas rule themselves in autonomy altough nominally part of Spain and Portugal. So now European Union can expand to east and Ukraine and Turkey easily fits in EU. The largest national entity in the world without independent state or nation is dravida people of south India. They are different from ethnically, culturally, racially and linguistically from north India. The wealth of british royal family is 67,5 billion pounds, or about 100 billion dollars when everything is combined and counted, that is enough to buy south India from Indian federation. So they can sell their yewels or give them to India, and south India becomes colonial area once again. Tamil Nadu and tamil areas of Sri Lanka to Great Britain, Karnataka to Canada, Kerala to Australia, Telangana to New Zealand, Andhra Pradesh, old french colony (very old) to France. Or Andhra Pradesh before 2014 borders (including Telangana) to Great Britain and Tripura also, Tamil Nadu to Canada, Karnataka to Australia and Kerala to New Zealand. And Jharkhand in the north to Ireland, without its natural resources that remain in Indian control tax free (in Jharkhand natural resources and in Karachi important production plants belong to India and Pakistan, only they have taxation right to them, no new colonialists). Final part is Iraq, shia areas can become new state of USA, without holy cities and west from Eufrat river areas. Iraq is in constant state of internal turmoil, despite of its natural resources, so resource curse once again. That can be solved if oil rich shia areas east of Eufrat become part of USA and those people gain USA citizenship and again another new state becomes part of USA federation. Brunei can be protectorat of Britain again. Syria can be part of France again, without alewite areas that continue as inpendent state. No more colonial areas are needed, that is already enough to solve poverty problems around the world, and internal disarray also. Zanzibar, Sindh, Abu Dhabi and northeastern Brazil are not even independent nations today, and Nicaragua and Honduras and Congo continue independent, altough divided. That was just new colonialism. Also national entities without independence can be indenepednt states, several dozen independent states can be formed by creating new national borders. That is possible if some country that now rules other nations (for example China, in China is perhaps 100 million non-chinese people without independence) can have land area from some other country so it can give inpendence to nations living inside it without losing avarage land area. This second country which gives land area, gets replacement area from third country etc., and this land area exchange chain continues until almost every ethnic nation without independent country gain independence. Main drawback is that in the receiving end is some nations that do not gain land area anywhere for replacement what they lost. In some area nationalities do not gain their whole inhabited area (for example Tibet and Uigurstan cannot ever be whole independent areas according their ethnic area, they can at best be about 25% area as independent state). But most populated part of both can be independent, if land area exchange is used (and Tibet area exchanged actually not independent, but part of India if used as exchange for south India). China gets area from Russia, Myanmar and Mongolia with this exchange (but Myanmar and Mongolia won t get replacement area), Russia replacement for somewhere else (for example Lappland of Finland, Sweden and Norway, Finland gets fennougrian states of Russia without Komi and Karelia etc.). Russia can get Svalbard and even Greenland as replacement for far russian east that goes to China. About 20-30 new independent states can be in the world if this land area exchange is used in chain mode (one country gives area to another, but gain area from third, this third gains area from fourth country etc. chain continues until finally some country has to lose area without getting nothing for return. Most of that area that some country loses becomes new independent states). In india are sates waiting for independence like Punjab. There is a concept of “helicopter money” or “quantative easing for the people”. 116 economists in European Union have made proposal for using it. That means when EU printed 60 billion euros new money in 2015 to fight against deflation, this proposal was that during 19 month period every EU citizen would receive 175 euros for free every month, and deflation problem would be solved due increased spending. But when EU expands to south and middle America because of this new colonialism, and in Africa and India also (Britain cannot have brexit if it will have colonies again, burden for economy is so big that Britain needs EU to help). So when parts of America, Africa and India are members of EU through their colonial powers, this helicopter money would be given only to poorest people of EU, majority of those are living in America and Africa and India now. So they would get most of 60 billion euro donation to fight against deflation. If poor people there would have 175 euro per month until 60 billion euro is spend, that would solve poverty problem in those areas, and because they are part of EU then, increased spending in those new EU areas solves deflation problem of EU. If I understood right there was deflation “crisis” in EU 2015, and EU central bank planned to solve it releasing 60 billion euros of new money each month until deflation turns to inflation of 2% rate. This money, 60 billion euro each month, was created “out of nothing” to increase inflation if I understood right. But normal way to deal with deflation, buying bonds, was not succesful. So quantative easing for the people was proposed as alternative. It makes no sense to give everyone in EU 175 euros of free money each month because rich people do not need it, if they get 175 euros they save it. Poor people can spend it easily. So giving helicopter money only to poor people is the solution. If European union expands to some of the poorest areas of the world as colonial power, those areas will get that helicopter money. If they are ordered that they have to spend that money, not to save it, they spend it. Poor people of new colonialist colonies of EU get money for free, 60-90 billion euros each month up to 19 month period (2015 plan was that 500 million people of EU would get 175 euros/month during 19 month time), they are not poor anymore but get wealthy and healthy, and at same time spending of money increases in EU (colonial) areas that are EU economic zone dramatically, deflation crisis solved. So two problems solved at same time, and there will be no poverty in south India or south american colonies of Spain and Portugal, or african new colonies. So colonialism is good. Also Abu Dhabi and Brunei are not forever protectorates of Britain, but limited time like 96 years (which is 99 years in islamic calendar), so Britain does not have to pay for them to become protectorates. South american expanded Gran Colombia are also transferred without payment to Spain, and northeastern Brazil to Portugal for free because those countries have no money to pay to have colonies, when having those millions of people extra population Spain and Portugal need EU to support improved living standards in those colonies if aim is near EU level welfare. Also colonialism can be slightly expanded, Netherlands can have small towns and larger cities that it had in India back (or those quarters that were under dutch rule), and South Moluks and East Timor back to Netherlands also. Bali can go to India. Germany can have Zanzibar, Wituland and Togoland in africa. If France don t get Andhra Pradesh it can have Puducherry. Portugal Indian colonies back also, without Goa that is wealthiest region of India, so it makes no sense to take it away. Puducherry and Portugal indian colonies were according to international law still part of colonial nations and India occupied them ilegally, so transferring them back is right thing to do. African nations of new colonialism also are more than happy to transfer under colonial rule. So large part of sovereign wealth funds and private holdings of ruling families of oil rich middle eastern countries goes to this new colonialism countries for sale- operation. If Norway ever had any colonial areas it can have them back if it pays most of its oil fund to this buying operation, like middle eastren countries spend their money to have colonial possession. Money collected, several thousand billions of dollars, go to United Nations controlled fund to help poorest people of the world. Unlike development aid, UN does not “own” that money but it is divided between poorest of people as their private property, but that fund is not in new colonialist areas because they are not poor anymore after colonialist takeover. Poor people own shares of this fund, everyone gets equal share, but UN controls spending of this fund, so if people want to take away money from this fund, UN decides are they allowed to do so or not so that people do not immediately waste the money they have. Maximum is 10-15% in one year possible to take away from his / hers shares of the fund by one people, and not each year, so there will be something left for his / her children and childrens children also. Norwegian oil fund has 1100 billion dollars and it grows exponentially 10% each year, so after 5 years it is 2000 billion. Norway can have danish norwegian indian possessions of Tharangabambani, Serampore, Balasore and Gundalpara back and Faroe islands, Hebrides and Orkney islands also if transfers 2000 billion dollar oil fund to UN fund. Serampore has in surrounding areas 14 million people so Norway gets large colony also. Saudi Arabia actually in this moment could have 4000 billion wealth in funds, 2000 (mostly hidden) funds, 600 state bank fund, 1400 ruling family possession, so Saudi Arabia can easily pay 2000 billion also. Kuwait has 600 + 360 billion incl. ruling family funds, and Qatar 330 + 200/300 billion. So Kuwait can pay 1000 billion and Qatar 500 billion for new colonies. The purpose of this new colonialism is not so to acquire colonies but to establish giant mega-fund that is in UN control and whose money is used to improve living of poorest people of the world. Money for this megafund is collected by selling new colonies to their owners. Spain and Portugal and USA does not have to pay, because they have no money to pay, and these new colonies become burden for them. France and Germany can pay something, but not much. Britain pays 100 billion to India directly, not for the fund, using royal family s wealth (transferred property to India possession). Britain in worst case has over 150 million people in new colonies, so it needs oil money from Abu Dhabi and Brunei to settle things right. United Arab Emirates has 2000 + 1000 billion wealth, so if Britain can cope without Abu Dhabi UAE can have colony too (north Nigeria). Money is collected for this megafund and it is under UN control but owned by about 2 billion poorest people around the world. After establishing this fund they are not poor anymore. If people of some region want to build school or hospital, they vote for it and if yes votes win those are build, and money taken from those from voting area, from their shares of fund incl. those who vote no and those who do not vote. Money can also be used as personal means, everyone of the poor people owns own share of fund and can use money from it in his / her needs, but taking money away from fund needs UN approval. Money collected, payment for colonies is simply transfer of some or most of sovereign wealth funds and other funds to their new owners (poorest 2 billion or more people of the world) altough this megafund stays in UN control. So main point of this countries for sale- operation is not to establish new colonies, but to collect money for giant megafund to help poorest people of the world. People of new colonies are not members of this fund even if they are poor, because rich colonialist ruling nation takes care of those people. In the case of america it is EU as whole. Northeastern Brazil that goes to Portugal is Nordeste socioeconomic region. People of new colonies are not allowed working permission in their ruling nation. Because colonial ruler can improve living in their homeland. People from colonies can go to tourist trip in western ruling nation, but they cannot go to work there. Because there are poorer areas in the world and people from there can go to work in some industrial country if workforce is needed. Living standards improve dramatically in colonial areas, so even without permission to move for work to their colonialist nation, colonial ruler can prove work for them in their own country (colony). Collecting money from rich western nations: for example Germany never paid war reparations for second world war, so now is perhaps time to pay? Money can go to this megafund for the poor. About those oil rich nations who pay for colonies: they have oil reserves of 100 to 200 years perhaps, so they can start to collect sovereign wealth funds again, so Norway and middle eastern countries have little, if any, effect for this payment (transferring funds) to megafund for the poor. Soon they have large oil funds again, and they can actually quite easily pay this price for colonies, they have such high amount of oil income. Money from middle eastern countries that buy colonies when received in megafund, can be used to help poor muslim people around the world, so poor muslim people around the world receive those middle eastern sovereign wealth funds etc. shares. But money collected is so large amount that it cannot be targeted for them only. If oil price would be fixed to 100 dollars per barrel that would help. Oil price fluctuation gives trouble to oil producing nations, and if they now give large amounts of money to megafund to help the poor, as payments for colonies, fixed 100 dollar barrel price when price is fixed almost forever, actually brings more profit to oil nations than this thousands of billions price for colonies, so actually they have colonies and even made money from it, despite large payments to UN megafund. 100 dollars without inflation adjustment, so actually price drops each year due inflation, but very little. Price was over 100 dollars years ago, now about 70 dollar, only 40 dollar some time ago. Also waste of oil consumption drops, so more oil reserves left for years to come. Or 100 dollar fixed price is just bottom price and can go up from that, and inflation adjustment can be used also. If Ukraine is part of EU and deflation happens, Ukraine would get helicopter money also like EU colonies. Not perhaps everyone of 2 billion or more people get equal share of megafund. Those who live in ultra poverty get more than those living in extreme poverty. And those who live in just “poverty” get less than those two classes. So three different classes for those 2 billion people, and three different amount of shares from this megafund. Germany and USA can grant full citizenship for their colonial population, including work permisson in USA or Germany, because colonial population versus mainland is small. Britain and France with perhaps 150 and 100 million (100 million in new french colonies even without Andhra Pradesh) or more colonial people can t afford that. Telangana can be divided between Godavari river line and Andhra Pradesh between 18th parallel, northern parts stay with India, so that colonial area versus India looks smaller in the map. Other small areas that are suitable for colonial rule again: Sainte-Marie / Nosy Boroha, south Mali (north Mali continues as independent Tuareg state) and Haiti to France, Iquique (Chile) and Corrientes (Argentina) to Spain, Penang in Malaysia to Britain, South Kasai to Belgium. Tangier international zone can be international again, not part of any country but being part of EU. In extreme case even south Somalia can be back to Italy and northern Somaliland with Puntland and Central State area as the independent Somalia. Afghanistan can be divided between Uzbekistan, Tadzikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and “Pashtustan” so that only Kabul and hazari people areas stay in country called Afghanistan. Obock in africa back to France. South Vietnam again to France, with its 42 million or more population. Aruba to Indonesia as exchange for Ambon / South Moluks. Even Russia can now be in EU because EU population now streches around the globe with hundreads of millions new people. Also Egypt and Libya can be in EU, and if Libya cannot maintain internal order Egypt may have some part of Libya. Helicopter money can be given to poor people of EU during deflation. In 2015 90 billion euros each month during 19 month period was planned to be printed and then given to EU people, 1700 billion euros. If EU area is from america to india and africa helicopter money can go to those new EU areas. People there are not poor anymore after that, and no deflation in EU economic zone. If only people from geographical europe are allowed free movement and search for work in EU, geographical europe means Ukraine and small part of Turkey west of Istanbul, people who are born there before treaty takes place are free to move inside EU, but not new colonies or new EU countries beyond europe geographical borders are granted work permissions. So if Turkey becomes part of EU its citizens have no right to leave in some EU country to work, except small western part. Now african states down to saharan africa can become part of EU, Egypt, Libya, Jordania (most of Syria is colony of France), Libanon, Israel,Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Chad, Mali, Niger, Mauritania are all part of EU. West Sahara disputed area mostly back to Spain, some stays with Morocco. With colonies EU now has 1400 million people, one fifth of world population. But EU is economic treaty for most of those countries, people there cannot move to europe for work. However if colonies are not allowed participate in parlamental elections of their ruling country, colonies can participate in EU elections. New EU parlament building is needed if 1400 million people send representatives to EU parlament. When countries become colonies again their population can vote yes or no in plebiscite. If they do not want to become colony, that country / nonindependent area does not become colony but stays independent or part of some other country. Many new african EU states are high in failed states list. When they are part of EU things such as slavery etc. can be solved, EU money must be given directly to people living there, surpassing government, because failed states has corrupted government. But people from there cannot go to europe other than tourists, not for work, and this for countries like Israel also (which is not part of geographical europe). No threat that Russia or Turkey or Egypt can have substantial influence over EU parlament if EU parlament has 1400 million or more voters. France has 115 - 165 million and Britain 150 - 200 million colonial people. Britain can have some of middle east oil, it cannot have brexit but needs EU to help, France needs money too, so Quebec can be given to France. Britain can have also Uganda again, but now new british colonial empire has 200 million people. EU citizenship can be also regulated so that only two children per woman in the future have EU citizenship in new EU countries, third child or more are left without and so are not part of EU people, altough they live in EU country. Germany can give its colonial people full citizenship including work permissions, and Italy too if it ever gets south Somalia back, because population is so small compared to mainland. Even South Sudan and Central African Republic can become EU country, but not Sudan, Sudan has so many human rights violations. Countries like Ethiopia are poor areas also but so big population that EU has no resources to expand there. Ethiopia is borderline case, if it becomes EU country (and Eritrea also) it is as populated as Germany (like Turkey or Egypt). Up to 1500 million people then lives in EU. Also Spain can expand from Honduras to Guatemala, south Guatemala with most of population can go to Spain, north Guatemala with american indian population continues as independent tribal state. Some of the about 30 new independent states forming through land area exchange can be some indian areas of Mexico. But Mexico needs new lands elsewhere. If El Paso - Odessa - Colorado river line (part of south Texas) goes to Mexico as autonomous South Texas state that is part of Mexico, Mexico has less economic problems and Texas less problems with latino population. And part of Texas (or South Texas) becomes almost true own “nation”. Not to mention possibility that some of the new independent states can be american (USA, Canada) native indian reservation / tribal areas as independent countries, with their place in the UN etc. Australia and New Zealand after becoming colonial nations can give independence to their own aboriginal population also in their living areas as fully independent states. That in case when 30 or more new independent states are formed around the world, through land area exchange. Not only land are exhanged, but money can also be paid so that new independent countries can be formed. Also when countries are in EU or colonies, their often feudal land ownership can be overturned with land reform. Feudal land ownership is the cause of most rural poverty in third world, when land reforms become true also poverty eases. Powerful landlords turned down any land reform attempts, but when part of EU or colony, land reforms can happen. Even in europe there are nations waiting for independence like Sorbia, Kashubia, Rutenia / Karpatia multiethnic nation, Basque country, west Bretagne, Corsica and Catalonia. What their borders will be I don t know. In Indonesia if Bali goes to India and South Moluks and East Nusa Tenggara or parts of Celebes to Netherlands together with now independent East Timor, Indonesia gets Aruba and then Moro population areas from Philippines as return of land area exchange. East Timor is in failed states list so it can go to Netherlands. When Spain and Germany get colonies they can give some of their land area away. France can give french Basque country, west Bretage or even some south Occitan area independence when having large colonies again. Even “Gypsyland”, independent state for roma people is possible, inside Hungary or Romania or Macedonia (or inside all three). Many failed states of the world become either colonies again or part of expanded EU, so they are not failed states after that. Independent northern DR Congo which is not part of southern french / belgian Congo colony can be EU member state also. If France overseas colonies become too big to handle Germany can take Rwanda and Burundi, altough those two are francophile countries. Ilemi triangle to Britain, altough almost nobody lives there. Yemen can be divided to North and South Yemen independent states again, and Britain has Upper Yafa as colony in between. DR Congo can be divided between south part together with Uganda - Uburundi border area and then north area, south and Uganda border regions go to France and north stays independent, french area has about 70 million inhabitants and independent Congo in the north only about 15 million altough that independent area is large on the map. So EU is actually area of saharan africa and over, sub-saharan africa is in African Union, those sub-saharan countries have such high population density that only small population saharan african countries can be in expanded EU (theory only). In Colombia old Boyaca state area can continue as independent Colombia if rest goes to Spain. Or Colombia and Venezuela can be divided east-west (Colombia) and north-south (Venezuela) line using rivers etc. as borders so that western Colombia and northern Venezuela goes to Spain and then rest stays as independent Venezuela and Colombia, these two have large area but sparsely population, area is mostly jungle. Colombia diveded by Magdalena river line, Bogota stays in independent Colombia, rest is almost jungle, Venezuela divided by Tucupita - Orinoco river - Apure river line, very few people remain in independent (south) Venezuela altough it has large area.