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What shall we call it?

With the new system, the shares of the coop will be issued as cryptographic tokens on the blockchain.

The shares are booked and paid for in a simple interface; in fact, from the user’s perspective it will be much more simple and easier than the current system.

But we really have engineered into existence a new financial animal: when the “coop share” becomes digital it gains all kind of new powers and capabilities, it starts to do new things, like it became alive, and mutated into a new kind of creature! We are thinking that it is no longer just a “share” but, in fact, your first own economic pet.

Ultimately, when all the ne features are rolled out, it can:

  • manage your assets, and get fatter, or more numerous
  • chip away portions of itself as money, can turn into money
  • participate in projects you have chosen
  • follow your instructions in sending money to suitable projects
  • represent you, act as collateral
  • communicate with its sisters and brothers
  • join with other pets into a pack that can jointly “hunt together”
  • can start a project, pool and allocate resources
  • patiently keep on, working your money, with no fatigue
  • can be retrained
  • can multiply, with or without mutations

But what should we call it?! Something so special requires its own name.

In terms of finance, we are talking about a first generation Collateralized Equity Note: an equity note, because it is issued to represent a claim, and collateralized, because it is backed by the portfolio of stocks of the best companies in the world. Or we could say that it is an Asset-Backed Crypto-Equity: crypto-equity, because it is registered and managed as a cryptographic smart contract, and asset-backed, because it is backed by the common assets in our dynamic portfolio.

Last year, in the various stages of mulling about the idea, names such as HoodNote (‘Hoodie’) and RobinHoodCoin were floated. HoodNote has the advantage that in “note” it is explicitly connected to the long history of issuing notes, from the Dutch East Indian Company onwards. And of course, we love the Hood, which is the place where things happen and where our new financial creatures live. On the other hand, RobinHoodCoin points by “coin” towards the shared DNA with cryptocoins. The shares to be issued on the blockchain are not a currency, but their technical architecture as tokens on a blockchain is similar to cryptocoins.

Hoodie? HoodNote? HoodieGotchi? RobinHoodCoin? Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative’s Asset-Backed Crypto-Equity? RHAMCABCE?


Exciting times. (The features were easier to read on the newsletter :slight_smile:

It is late but how about something along the lines of

eg RobinHood Noteworth Assets or something containing noteworthy

or more like “does what it says on the tin”

eg RobinHood Crypto Assets or RobinHood Crypto Notes

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Hello All, I would be afraid to experiment with its name. In old times the given name had to keep the character of named individual. As well should be simple, I would name it ROBIN !

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I also like Robin.

However, if the core team wants something with Hood, I prefer Hoodnote over Hoodcoin. Coin already leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth…another coin. Don’t have this feeling with note.

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I was pretty surprised in reading the newsletter, I don’t think using “hood” detached to its “robin” context (hood, hoodnote, hoodcoin) it’s a good idea at all. In many countries (especially US) to use African American Vernacular language outside its own culture it’s racially loaded and plain appropriation.

I know the intention is to remind the original Robin Hood but the word “hood” is so widely spread that there’s no doubt people will think about the ghetto association and, coming from a mostly white European project, it would definitely result insensitive to the american audience.

I, as white, simply wouldn’t say around that “I’m investing in Hoodcoins”

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Thanks so much for raising this. You are absolutely right that the use of the word Hood has been to try and tie in the legacy of the Robin Hood narrative and legacy - that being said, you are also correct that we haven’t spent a bunch of time assessing other implications of the language.

Truth be told, in this way we lean quite heavily on the wider membership of our cooperative. These forums were indeed set up as a means to access the wisdom and diverse knowledges and experiences that make up the nearly 1000 members - so, thank you for bringing this up!

It is certainly imperative that we fold this into the future naming.

So… whilst we have you attention - do you have some suggestions for names?

To be clear I made that remark because I care about Robin Hood and want to keep investing, it wasn’t just a rant.

I haven’t thought much about names but I like the idea of sticking it to the Robin Hood universe, it could even be a subtle reference, a detail, another person’s name, or an element’s name (the way you used Sherwood in the forum).